Hidden iteams in Furniture catolage:)

big-screen.jpgthrown.jpgfurniture.jpg-ok click the work throne and the coolest throne!

-click on the casset tape on the home stereo to get the big screen TV:)


3 Responses to “Hidden iteams in Furniture catolage:)”

  1. Bri bri2 Says:

    hello penny i still did not find out any glitches but im really really bored so i dont know wat to do i found this website it was laffy taffy wordpress watever but its not working to go but i love cars website his youtubes are so funny lol i love the one with runescape in it that was so funny but know im bored well anyway its just to hard to know wat to do and i wish i could fine something fun well bye ps your friend Bri bri2

  2. Bri bri2 Says:

    hi penny i cant wait unttil you find out how to do pics and stuff but i cant read anyones letters but its ok but im really bored bc i dont know wat to do well bye

  3. Bri bri2 Says:

    penny i cant believe you did find out hw to make pics its great your friend Bri bri2

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