Secret Codes

ok instead of putting up the icons like the smily:)and stuff here are the shorter things for it-

ec=coffee sign  ep=puffle sign ez=pizza sign es=ignore sign eg=game control sign el=clover sign em=money sign en=moon sign eh=heart sign ef=flower sign and ei=igloo sign e1=laughing face e2=smily face e3=straight face e4= frown face e5=surprised face e6=sticking  out tongue face e7=winking face e8=green face e9=mad face et=music note 1+shift=exclamation point shift+?=question mark n=No y=Yes G=Good-bye O=ok T= throw snowball H=hello ed=sun

…Waddle on!                                                -Penny2263


One Response to “Secret Codes”

  1. boomy213 Says:

    em isnt a muffin its a coin…

    . .

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