puffles.jpgPuffles are Little creatures that were found in the club penguin wilderness.They are known for their kindness and affection toward penguins.Thats why they have become great pets.You need to play with them,put them to sleep and feed them regularly.If you don`t your pet(s) will run away.There are going to be new puffles comming out soon.I can`t wait.There are going to be flag(for anywhere you live)yellow,orange, and dark blue.More updates later!


6 Responses to “Puffles”

  1. vmk lover Says:

    you need

  2. Bri bri2 Says:

    penny penny you should type in on the the thing not to say yes to say want to trade penguiens ok your fruiend Bri bri2

  3. Bri bri2 Says:

    sorry fot not spelling them right but bye

  4. Bri bri2 Says:

    need wa vmk lova

  5. Stella Says:

    I heard that there are going to be new puffles. By the way the Yellow Puffle isn’t real check it out by typing Yellow Puffle. I don’t know how to broadcast a you tub video. Tell me and leave a comment by typing to Stella. Isn’t that a prettty name well bye!

  6. penny2263 Says:

    Stella,Thank you for your post.To create a you tube,you must have 1 of the following, Cell Phone,Camera, or Web Cam.If you have 1,make an account,and make the movie with 1 of the iteams.Watch it,and then click post,and you can post it on your blog.I know it sounds confusing but you will get it in know time.You will have to upload them to watch them.Tell me your site so I can look at it!There are new puffles comming in those colors.I contacted CP moterator and it said yes.Thanks!

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