Some Popular penguins

 Some popular penguins are Puppy of Rob,and Paintboy100!     -Penny2263

…Waddle on!


9 Responses to “Some Popular penguins”

  1. maggierules Says:

    yo, you forget to add me jk lol

  2. Bri bri2 Says:

    add her in wat

  3. Bri bri2 Says:

    bc thats weird

  4. zoey500911 Says:

    I met paintboy100 on mammoth!

  5. Bri bri2 Says:

    i know i saw puppy of rob wich i think is popular

  6. Bri bri2 Says:

    i saw him like amilion times you know bc
    i do i dono why?

  7. Bri bri2 Says:

    if you dont believe zoey then go on the web site and than its shows him on a pic ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. zoey500911 Says:

    I took the pics off of paintboy100 now so you cant see him but you can see stuff about club penguin at

  9. zoey500911 Says:

    hilo peeps

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