New Books!!!

3-new-books.pngHave you heard of Rockhopper and the Stowaway?Well if you have,there are 3 more cool books to look at!Check them out!They are loated in the Club Penguin Library in the Book Room!library.png 

…Waddle on!                                                           -Penny2263


10 Responses to “New Books!!!”

  1. zoey500911 Says:

    I havent read them yet but they look pretty cool! Hi penny2263! I love your site!! If you can check out my too!



  2. zoey500911 Says:



  3. zoey500911 Says:

    cool site cool site!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 !!


    Zoey500911 visit today and dont forget to play!!

  4. zoey500911 Says:

    this is a cool site!!

  5. zoey500911 Says:

    hi peeps of the world look 4 me on C.P I am ussaully with penny2263 and bri bri2. in mammoth

  6. zoey500911 Says:

    penny talk 2 me ok??

  7. zoey500911 Says:

    penny2263 plz talk to me ok?

  8. zoey500911 Says:

    howdy yall sup Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi h i hi hi hi hi hi! and some more hi hi hi hi hi hi h i hi hi hi h i hi hi!



  9. zoey500911 Says:

    hi this is zoey500911 saying again hi hi hi hi hi world!!

  10. zoey500911 Says:

    keep looking at penny2263 site bc its cool!!! I hope you like my site too!! I love pennys site!!

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