Holagurrl getting off CP forever?

I have heard lately that Holagurrl25(also known as gg25)has had second thoughts about Club Penguin.Here are her exact words,


Having a blog is stressful.

After the short time of being hacked,and all the stupid rumors that came from that…what?1 day?It makes me relize.

Why do we play CP?

Do we want to hide from our real lives?

I have a great”real” life.I`m not going to mess it up for a digital penguin.

Why do you play CP?

To create an image that hides your real self?

I don`t know… I enjoy CP,but I don`t get the point.

You may change my mind,you may not,but you should stop looking up “popular” or “famous” penguins.

You should stop voting and making competitions for whos the most popular.

You should enjoy CP for what it is,and not to call nonmembers n00bs,and compete for money by hacking,more clothes,more hits, ect.

Think of what CP has done to us.We have become like… obsessed with the game.

How much time do you spend on the internet?Most of it has to do with CP  right?

I`m just telling you how I feel,and if I quit my blog,you`ll know why.

Here`s the truth:I wanted to make a blog to help penguins,but I also wanted to to be more then just some nonmember.

So I think we should STOP with the CP blogs!

This game has caused so much sadness,with hacking and being popular.

Sentance Skipped-

Please tell the truth.Why did you make a blog when you did?I know some of you are stubborn to admit it,but I know alot of people who want to be popular.

And I understand.It`s fun having people look up to you.

But please,please look deep down,and think why you play,and if it`s healthy.Every minute you spend on the computer,trying to make pixels shaped like a penguin become more known,it ruins your “real” life.

I seriously hope your “real” life isn`t all about CP!

u no you heart me!


…Isn`t that pretty sad?If you agree leave a post.

holagurrl.gif(click on for clearer view)

Will she quit CP?More info later.

Until then,…Waddle on!                      -Penny2263


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